Welcome to Harlem Chocolate Factory!

CHOCOLATE IS COMING TO HARLEM! We are in the process of opening our first location. We are so excited for this next phase. We thank you for your kind words, orders and inquiries! Please sign up for our newsletter to keep up with our process.
— Jessica

The Harlem Chocolate Factory is an artisan chocolate company based in Harlem where we convey the cultural experiences of Harlem through chocolate.

We are using high-quality ingredients and handcrafted techniques to produce premium products. These ingredients are painstakingly sourced to ensure that we take our earth and its people into account.

We place the stories and culture of Harlem on as high a pedestal as flavor and quality. It would be a disservice to our mission if we sacrificed one for the other. From the Mexican chilies of Spanish Harlem to the champagne of Striver's Row, we aim to bring a new perspective to chocolate.